Things to Do

Things to Do

We have a number of classes and events planned to introduce you to MSU and mid-Michigan. If you want to connect with American families and have some fun away from studies & research, join us for these fun activities!

International Thanksgiving Dinner

Join us for a Thanksgiving dinner with other students, scholars, and local families.

Winter House Party

We'll be taking a group of students & scholars up north during Christmas break for 7 days of winter fun! We are joining a Christian camp in Michigan's upper peninsula. We'll spend time learning about the Bible, enjoying fun outdoor activities (hopefully with lots of snow and ice), and relaxing around warm fires. All are invited to join us!

Easy English Bible Study

Every Thursday this class meets from 6:30-8:15. We serve a free dinner and enjoy good conversation as we read and explore the Bible. We have special class for kids as well.

Sunday Morning Church

Going to church on Sunday is very important for many Americans, and it's a great thing to explore while you're in the U.S. We would love to have you join us as we meet every Sunday morning. We have a special class for international students and scholars and lots of things for kids.

Conversational English Class

We meet every Wednesday evening on campus. More than just for English, this class is a great way to make friends with other students, scholars, and American tutors. All are welcome to join!