English Discussion Groups

Small group discussions for learning and practicing conversational English and exploring American culture. 

Our English class is an informal way to improve your conversational English while making friends with American tutors and other international students & scholars. This is a free class, so just come and practice your English! We discuss a variety of topics, like food, culture, sports, holidays, jobs, entertainment, etc. It’s a great chance to practice your English, learn about American culture, and teach us about your home country as well.

Unfortunately, because of Covid-19 we are not hosting our normal English class. Instead you can sign up for an online group. We will try to keep our online groups to 5 or 6 people to give everyone a chance to talk as much as possible.

List of Online English Groups

These conversational English classes will begin the week of January 21st.

  • Thursdays @ 7:30 pm with host: Dan Score (online)

Additional English classes:

  • Tuesdays @ 6pm, in-person Bible study
  • Wednesdays @ 7pm, Exploring the Bible and Christianity, with host: Nick Setterington (online)


To join one of these classes, please register below.


More English Opportunities!

We are hosting several online easy-English Bible studies. Check out our other page for more info.


About the Class...

We believe the best way to learn English is to speak it as much as possible! Therefore, we place you into small groups where you have the chance to have more practice. With each topic we teach you new vocabulary, phrases, and idioms. And we try to have thought provoking discussion questions to challenge you to express your thoughts in English. Our tutors will help you with pronunciation, but mostly they are there as friends. We try to invite you to our homes for special events, holiday celebrations and other fun things throughout the year. Here are a few pictures of our past classes:

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