Culture Explored


FEB. 23rd
TIME: 6:15 - 7:15 PM

FIRST CLASS: Culture and Education

We want to talk about education today. Education (MSU) is one of things that has drawn us all together. We will explore questions like these:

  • What things have surprised you about education here in America?
  • What forms of education do you have in your home country?
  • In America, we have public, private, charter, classical, and home schools. What do you know about these? What are distinct about these forms of education?
  • Is volunteering or donating money common in your home country’s education system?
  • Does your home culture emphasis rote memory or critical thinking in education?
  • What do you think is the goal of education?  
  • Christian education will often emphasize truth, beauty and goodness as the primary goal for education (not simply to get a degree). What do you think about this?   
  • Many employers in the U.S. want people who have a well-rounded education. In other words, they don’t just look for 4.0 students. Does this surprise you? Why do you think this is the case?
  • What do you think is an appropriate way to motivate kids in education?
  • What do you think: who is ultimately responsible for a child’s education, the teacher or the parent? Explain why.
  • How do you, (or how would you if you’re not a parent), discipline your kids if they misbehave at school?


SECOND CLASS: Culture and Life's Big Questions

Every culture has embedded within it answers to some of life's big questions. From an early age we are taught certain things which shape how we experience life. How do these ideas influence the way you view and experience the world?

  • Heaven: what happens after death? How does this shape the way we live?
  • Identity: what gives your life purpose or meaning?
  • View of Man: is man basically good or deeply flawed? How would we know?
  • Generosity: why should people do nice things to others?
  • Hope: what gives you hope when life seems to be hard or empty?
  • What other “big questions” do people in your home culture think about?


THIRD CLASS: Culture and Government

Like it or not, government will always be part of our lives, no matter what culture you have! Here are a few questions we’ll explore:

  • A fundamental idea behind American government is a balance of power. What do think about this idea? Is it good? Where do you think this ideas comes from?
  • If you look at American money, you’ll find these 2 mottos: E pluribus unum and “In God we Trust”. What do you think about these? What ideas and values do they communicate?



Come join us as we learn and talk together about these important questions of culture!


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